Blogosphere Restructured

The NEOBlogs have been restructured! The blogosphere has moved! Check it out at All NeoBlogs have been moved to new addresses, using subdirectories instead of subdomains. (For example, "Remonstrance" was moved from to Bloggers should have received an email at the address they had their blog registered to instructing them to administrate a new blog. All old content, drafts, images and posts have been imported from the .neoblogs addresses, into the new blogs at (Note: themes have not been imported, and as such, blogs have all been set to the default WordPress theme, "Twenty Eleven." Feel free to change this as you see fit.) This new restructuring is part of an effort to concentrate all of our sites into one network, built on a single site’s WordPress install, which will increase security and simplicity, and leave NEOXenos less vulnerable to exploitation over the web. stands for “Jesus Freaks USA Network,” and is in the process of being designed as the home base for NEO Xenos, with subdomains for currently existing separate sites, such as the NEO Zine and Love Ethics. With very few exceptions, the new blogs have the same title to them. Bloggers can login at their own sites, (i.e. or at the main blogs login page, Your login may be different from your old login name! Log in using the name of your site. (i.e. if your site is, login as "username101.") If you have any questions, or your blog is not functioning as expected, email Alex at

One thought on “Blogosphere Restructured

  1. Um, ok, I realize this is a stupid question, but where do we go if we’re not a blogger but want to read someone’s blog? I can’t find them. . .

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