take a deep breath and pray

so im calm now and i was so stressed when i wrote those two blogs i dont even remember feeling that way but i feel very foolish. and trina helped a lot with her comment.

soo i prayed and am trying to be grateful about all this. so lets do it the old fashion way and make a grattude list (my mom used to make me do this when i was negative.):

  1. i get a Delonte West jersey (which i will probably cherish forever, eek)
  2. i get to go see my grandma where we get spoiled of course
  3. asta i guess is probably a good leader and is recognized and i am happy for her
  4. i get more time to memorize verses for basic
  5. get more time to work on my ppage for J2
  6. the Lord has shown me that my plans do not work… which i always knew i guess i just never experienced it
  7. i went to dance and am getting to know a girl named taylor who is pretty cool and i need ta get her numba!
  8. i am thankful for my bro jeff there too
  9. and ms. andie mcphee who is sticking with me throughout my times
  10. and i havebeen praying and praying for a long time to get out of where i am which is not going anywhere and i think the Lord is ‘testing’ me if thats the right word and putting me through something and i think trusting and faith will just bring me closer, which is exactly what i want more than any delonte west ersey or cavs tickets.


5 thoughts on “take a deep breath and pray”

  1. Hey elli, I think its good you calmed down. I’ll be there with you this weekend if you do come so, that will be fun. Sorry you feel bad and im glad your back in action.

    When you pray for things, pray not for yourself “I want my jersey and some tix”. but pray for things that you want that will help you gain some fruit.

    For if you ask, you shall receive
    -thats in john somewhere….

  2. There’s Elli, the new creature, peeking out! Beautiful, Elli. Who’s Walter Cronchart? Don’t forget to add time with the new puppypuppup! & kt, who worships & adores you to your list…

  3. Yo, that was a really cool thing to step back from your feelings and bring in some clarity from God! It’s easy to get caught in the flesh, but look at you! Seeking the Lord and getting into the Spirit! That’s the life of a mel, just gotta keep turning to the Lord when we’re stuck in our self-focused mudpits, and then turn to others and serve! It is better to give then to receive after all…

  4. yum, that made me feel good reading this. Nice rebound from your negative feelings, you are truly growing mature. I will be praying for you. Good luck on that page too.

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