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**this blog was written over the time of 2 weeks

Today is gunna be the day that theyre gunna throw it back to you. by now you shoulda somehow figured out what your gunna do. i dont believe that any body feels the way i do about you now…

Mrs. Andie Schoofs (descipler, leader, hero and great friend.)

I saw Andie McFEEEEEE (as i like to call her) on saturday as her last days of mcphizzle. All i can say about saturday was: STRESS. i am NOT getting married if i have to go through THAT. it wasnt even much, it was just going everywhere at once! IT WAS CRAZY. but it was GREAT! You see, i called Andie Thursday (i think) leaving her a message about what she was doing and if she had time to hang out. So i get this call saturday from a VERY tired andrea asking if i wanted to run some errands. and well duhh, i said YES. So i got to see Mcfizzle before she turned to SCHOOFY. she told me a lot about her wedding and what she had to do and about the rehearsal brunch and chill fear factor and blahblahblah!

probably the best wedding i have ever been to.
you should be depressed if you missed it.
And i made her a card. Chloe came over before the wedding to go get ads for the school paper. schlo got her a gift and wanted to make a card.. so i did too… really fast, and it sucked. i feel bad i didnt spend more time on it. whatever, i love her and it was an awesome day for eric and andie. It was pretty sad for me though. I kind of saw it as the day she leaves me. Since she broke out the news of no more discipleship, i have been sad. She even said we would still get together and i am still sad. We have just been through a lot. From mean elli to okay elli, she was the one to help me with my spiritual walk. She helped me rely on God more and read my bible and pray for people and to be grateful. and to serve, thats a big one. I just wish i appreciated her more when she was discipling me… and she wants to come to my dance recital… so that makes me feel special.

So jk, that last blog was wrong. the last day of south street was tuesday and it was cute. We walked up the stairs soaking in the smell of fresh rainfall. I wondered if many kids would come because of the weather. hmm… the door said ‘After school program tuesday and wednesday only.’ You see, xenos runs the tues. and wed., and their last day of school was Thursday. only like 5 kids were there but JVeon was there a lil and he is just so cute! We colored these super heros. Mine was “Money Man” (the original name) then Sara titled him “Mr. G” because he was a G. Then he got the name “A Millie.” You can see this drawing on my refrigerator. You want to because it is freakin sweeet. I tried to say bye to tone on the way out but he was bitter. I said “can you give me a hug?” and he just shook his head. I asked why and gary right up and said “Cause hes a SSOOOOOORRRREEE LOOOOSSAAAAA.” that was funny. i love those kids and i didnt even go for the whole time… or even half the time xenos was there.

Well basic is tonight and Jeff told me the paper was due today so i just kind of worked on that the whole time instead of memorizing verses. but it is not due today so i think i am kind of screwed. Well i already know i am taking this class again. I either failed or got a C on every quiz and i know the final is going to be harder. :((( im pretty depressed about it…

The M.T. is going to be sweeeet. Last missions trip was awesome so this oe is going to be awesome and yeah. Jenny Botti said Jill is going to Buffalo I have got to find out which trip she is going on though! I pray it is the same one as ours!!!! Jill Deken was one of my best friends on the Michigan MT. Her and Jenny are the only ones i remain close to, i guess. Me and Jenny frequently write eachother. I am not sure why we dont just call though. I know I dont like talking on the phone. i never find something interesting to say. Plus it is just so awkward not seeing their face. i would rather talk in person… so thats why i am so excited for the Summer Institute! well not just seeing jenny… Adi listened to this teaching and i listened too and i really liked the guy who did it… i forget his name. he was pretty clear and kept me interested, which can be pretty hard.. something i need to work on. So a lot of good teachers will be there, jenny will be there and we will be there :D.

my cat is licking me… he is sooo cute.

dance! next three days, i will be dancing. THursday is my last hip hop class, friday is regearsal and saturday i have two recitals. wee hoooooooo thats gunna be interesting. and i happen to be like the last dance. the theme is around the world. Since our dance is Latin (South America) they go all around the world then down to south america then back to the US. ugg and i have to shovel little kids around too… i hope katie comes to help me with make up, she did mine last year, i was absolutely clueless as to what stage make-up was.
So if you want to go. dont.
i am bound to screw up my dance because i am in th middle most of the time. even practicing, if i am not completely focused, i ruin it.

“hasta lavista mother fu-”
“STOP with the rhyming”
-from my new favorite movie: John Tucker Must Die!!

2 thoughts on “Wedding, SS, basic, Missions Trip, dance!”

  1. nice blog
    i remember when joe got married, i felt the same way – like with him like leaving me, but we are still mad cool, hes one of my best buds, and it only made me want to get married more!

    summer institute is so going to be sweet i really cant wait also…

    ch dance, i remember that one time u danced on vacation, i wonder if u ever got better… id be curious to see lol, its not like you dance for people everyday…

  2. yeah, i remember when Jake got married. We were the tightest of the tight, but then I didn’t really see him anymore…. I guess I’m the unlucky one. But we have some awesome plans for this summer, he and I. We’re kickin back our T.V. show.

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