“Genesis 3:8ff – Results of and Recovery from the Fall”

Joe and Bryan team up to discuss the alienation that resulted from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden – how it impacts us to this day and what we can do about it. Recorded Thursday, 09-29-2022.

“Genesis 2 – The Culmination of Creation”

Angie and Jamie continue our study of Genesis teaching on the culmination of God’s creation – Man. They discuss what it means to be created in the image of God. Recorded Thursday, 09-15-2022.

“Exodus 2-4 – God Speaks to Moses (and Us)”

Rich and Terry abandon our study of 1 Timothy (aww Timothy let no one despise you for your youth or us not covering 1 Tim 6) and instead pivot to Exodus and the life of Moses. Recorded Thursday, 09/01/2022.

“1 Timothy 4:1-11 – Spiritual Training”

Carlell takes his act solo playing in front of a small, intimate group. He teaches out of 1 Timothy 4 on the topic of “Spiritual Training”. Through the miracle of modern technology we can listen in even if we could not attend in person. Recorded 07/21/2022.

“1 Timothy 3:8-13 – Aspiring to Deaconship”

Angie and Jamie continue teaching 1 Tim 3 on the topic of leadership in the church, specifically regarding deacons. Since we’re all called to spiritual maturity, the qualifications for deaconship make for good review. Recorded 07-07-2022.