“Romans 6:1-13 – Know, Consider, Present”

Angie leads us through this foundational passage about appropriating the new identity given through Jesus’ forgiveness into a new and exciting way of living and following God. Bonus points if you can spot how Angie herself embodies know, consider, present with her example of teaching the bible. Recorded Thursday, 3/16/2023.

“Romans 5:12ff – Two Headships”

She’s old school, has had A WEEK, and is technically challenged – that doesn’t stop Carrie from teaching us the latter portion of Romans 5 and didn’t prevent us from recording it for you. We discuss what it means to be born under Adam and how we’re able to find freedom and new life by getting under Jesus’ headship. Recorded Thursday, March 9, 2023.

“Romans 3 – God’s Loving Justice”

Craig teaches Paul’s culmination of the argument that both unreligious and religious people alike are alienated from God and what can be done about it. The study culminates in a discussion about how Jesus reached a few of the ABS FG members. Recorded February, 16, 2023.