“Romans 3 – God’s Loving Justice”

Craig teaches Paul’s culmination of the argument that both unreligious and religious people alike are alienated from God and what can be done about it. The study culminates in a discussion about how Jesus reached a few of the ABS FG members. Recorded February, 16, 2023.

“1 Timothy 2:1-10 – The Importance of Prayer and Praying Together”

*Early 2000s Rock Voice* IT’S BEEN AWHHHILLLEE since we’ve studied 1 Tim. Evan and Craig are teaching….as crazy as that may seem…about the importance of praying together. Recorded 05/26/2022.

“Ephesians 3:1-12 – The Mystery – An Overview of God’s Plan”

Craig and Evan join forces once more to teach the 3rd chapter of Ephesians on God’s plan to redeem humanity and defeat Satan and how and why it was initially hidden as a “mystery”. Recorded 12/09/2021.